Press Release – May Day Motocross 2011

The Mourne Motorcycle Club will host their first motocross race of the year on Monday, May 2nd, when they hold round three of the Ulster Open Motocross Championship at clubman Norman Green’s Seaforde Motocross Park.

The May Day race is an annual event for the Mourne club and this year it will also be the first motocross race of the year at Seaforde Motocross Park.

The press launch was held in the Stick Restaurant in Brennan’s, Seaforde on the evening of Tuesday 19th April 2011 and Roy Neill, the voice of Irish motocross, was on-hand to offer a few words.

Along with Mourne clubmen and sponsors, members of the Ballynahinch Lions Club attended, as they will be collecting for charity on the day. And everyone at the launch was looked after by Louise Kearney from The Stick Restaurant at Brennan’s.

This year the Mourne club is running the event with sponsorship from Noel Cochrane’s Car Sales and Spares, Frenchies Mace in Clough, Brennans Ice Cream and McKibbins Car Sales, Brent Dorman Agricultural Engineer and John Deere Specialist, B.L.R.C. Landrover Specialists in Saintfield, Saintfield Livestock Market, Kane Trailers and with help from Gerard O’Neill of Bore ‘a’ Hole.

With this additional support from all the above sponsors the club is able to pay the following substantially greater amount of prize money to riders who may not have previously received as much, or any at all:

Expert Class:

1st – £120  /  2nd – £100  /  3rd – £75  /  4th – £60  /  5th – £45  /  6th – £30

Semi  Expert Class:

1st – £75  /  2nd – £60  /  3rd – £45  /  4th – £35  /  5th – £30  /  6th – £25  /  7th – £20  /  8th – £15

Clubman Classes (MX1 & MX2):

1st – £60  /  2nd – £45  /  3rd – £35  /  4th – £30  /  5th – £25  /  6th – £20  /  7th – £15  /  8th – £10

There will also be one random non prize winner from the above in the last block on Clubman classes, both MX1 and MX2 who will receive a £50 spot prize from further down the finishers list.

On the day the bikes will be out on the track from 9.30am and all spectators are welcome. Entry to the event will cost £5 for adults, while children go free and car parking is also free.