Mourne Mystery Weekend Away

MEMBERS of the Mourne Motorcycle Club went for their annual MAD (Mourne Away Day) excursion recently.

The away day is one of the main social events held by the club when their racing calendar has ended, giving members the chance to socialise when they are not running off-road events.

After the latest MAD, Mourne club vice-Chairman Matthew King, from Saintfield, said: “Our Chairman, Billy McLarnin, has to take the credit for coming up with the idea for MAD.

“As a club we already had our Christmas dinner and annual prize giving, but then Billy came up with a plan for an annual day out.

“As a club we have always had a good number of members attending meetings and other events, so this has been a good way to let everyone relax in good company,” he said.

This year was ninth MAD held since Billy McLarnin came up with the idea in 2011.

At first the club held an annual day out, but this year they enjoyed a weekend away from September 6-8, travelling to watch the British Super Bikes at Oulton Park, Cheshire, and the JCB factory, Uttoxeter.

Speaking about the continued success of MAD Billy McLarnin, from Annahilt, said: “The original plan for the MAD was to take a few club members out for the day, with a few surprise stops along the way.

“The idea was to offer people the chance to offer the chance for a day’s craic amongst friends.

“I would organise the day and tell everyone what it would cost. Everything else would be a surprise, as we stopped off at places of interest that we take for granted at home.

“Through the years we have visited places such as Crumlin Road Jail, the Ulster Aviation Society, the Bushmills Distillery, we have enjoyed bowling, archery and we have met Uncle Hugo.

“Last year I came up with the idea of a weekend away and I had to tell everyone some of my plans in advance so they could get time off work if necessary.

“Once again it was another fantastic trip for the Mourne club and guests, showing how well the members of the motocross fraternity get along,” he said.